Walk photographs made in the spring of 2020. The news headlines were found while searching for "walk" and filtering the results to the date of the photographs. Some links may be broken. 

Walk 200402 

"Opinion: Crowded sidewalks are vectors for coronavirus infection. Take streets back from cars and let people use them"

Los Angeles Times

Walk 200407

"Coronavirus: Dubai residents not allowed to walk dogs under new permit scheme, police confirm"

Walk 200409

"Walking, running, or cycling? Why you should leave more than two metres of space"

Walk 200411

"Couple take daily walk dressed as Disney characters to bring cheer during Covid-19 lockdown"

Walk 200416

"Coronavirus: The story of Captain Tom's walk" 


Walk 200422

"Coronavirus: Indian migrant worker walks 500km from Delhi with his five-year-old son on his shoulders, amid COVID-19 lockdown"

Walk 200424

"To get around stay-at-home orders, Spaniards have been walking some unusual 'pets'"

Walk 200426 

"Walking miles in my tiny city courtyard" 

Walk 200428

"Edmonton tops world in return to walking during pandemic, Apple mobility data shows"

Walk 200513 

"Just Wondering: Is it Safe to Take a Walk With a Friend?"

Walk 200514

"Walk-through sanitising booth sprays South African commuters" 

Walk 200519

"No Walk-ins, No Magazines, No Blowouts: Salons, Barber Shops Prepare To Reopen With New Safety Measures"

Walk 200523

”Dinosaur-themed challenge to find fossils on walk in Wigan woodland”

Walk 200525

”COVID-19: Saudi Arabia to allow one-hour walk amid curfew” 

Walk 200602 

”A photo op as protests swirled: how Trump came to walk to the church”

Walk 200611

”Working from home in lockdown, Belgian man 'walks' 1,500 km”